Wednesday, 10 December 2014


These worn and weary days,
Of routine-like drudgery,
Coldness seeping in,
Unlike the seasons before,
Bring drumbeats of rain,
And endless echoing noises,
Of a mind driven to insanity,
Watered pages of notes,
Bringing their constant misery,
As always,
Just like grey days before,
Today brings another shade,
Of monotony.

~Rei Shiori

Monday, 1 December 2014


Why is it always night where you are,
The only time you let yourself go,
In the fading lights,
That hide your so-called,
Bleed for me,
I want to know,
What you're like under,
The scabs and broken skin,
Whip marks,
Burnt hearts,
That eyeliner smudge,
I want to know,
If you're the person,
I still think you are,
Take off that leather and lace,
Come lie with me,
I want to see the veins,
Map their traceries,
Under your skin,
If only you will,
Let me in.

I promise I won't break anything.

~Rei Shiori

Telltale heart

Cemented, buried heart,
Do you continue to beat?
Don't betray me now,
The world doesn't need to know,
Who I am,
Who we are,
I'll keep you safe here,
Cushioned on lost feelings,
Cocooned in a jar.

~Rei Shiori

Not myself

Above all, be yourself,
Oh how I laugh, dear,
To see that from you,
Not because I mock you,
I know you as well,
As you know me,
Old friend,
We are not so different,
You and I,
Both hiding behind masks,
Layers of paper and words,
Endless dreams and rejections,
The countless hurts,
All life's little misadventures and misdirections,
They shelter us,
We, the ones who died,
And came back to life,
Only to lose ourselves in the process,
Of living and loving,
And still we look in the mirror,
Hating who we are,
Society's chameleons.

We will never be truly ourselves,
Tell me, truthfully,
Who is it who talks to me in your guise now?
I will not be who I am today tomorrow,
Forgive me,
I am not myself tonight,
Nor will I ever be.

~Rei Shiori

She asked me

She asked me,
If I thought she could fly,
And the words,
Normally so eloquent,
They died,
I could not answer,
As she stood,
On the precipice of disaster,
The chaos in my soul,
Was this a premonition,
Of what was to come after?
Black hair,
Black dress,
Black desires,
Blacker dreams,
I went to sleep with,
Her silent screams,
Every bloody night in my dreams.

~Rei Shiori

My words

I didn't know the words to say,
I'm sorry?
It didn't feel right,
You were always the one,
Who kept my secrets,
And held this darker side of me,
A little further away,
And yet,
I struggled,
Because love made you fragile,
And in the face of that,
Facade dropping,
I faded away,
What could I have said anyway?
My words,
Are useless in the face of pain.

~Rei Shiori


I couldn't help but watch,
Seeing you destroy yourself,
This twisted love of mine,
Such a warped web of lies and sin,
Like a black widow spider,
And you,
Lovely little moth,
Entwined within,
How could you ever get away?
I loved you enough to eat you,
Savour every bit of you,
The good,
The bad,
The innocence I tainted,
Can I taste you again and again?
Let me caress your flesh,
As you moan in pain.

~Rei Shiori