Sunday, 8 March 2015

Salt and Fire

When you wash,
These weary eyes with tears,
Salt and bitterness,
You let go of your fears,
And the fires,
Of hatred,
Or anger,
Or if you're lucky,
Only then can they start,
And may they burn forever,
In the darkness of your heart.

~Rei Shiori

Sunday, 1 March 2015


I keep moving,
Because if I don't,
My mind,
And the inching creeping thoughts,
Like black ants on a sugar cube,
Drive me insane,
And I scratch till I bleed,
Tear out my hair,
Bite my feet,
Yet I can't,
I can't be rid of it,
And the thoughts that haunt me,
They live in me,
Inhaled in the air,
Eaten in my bread,
I try to bleed it out,
And tear my skin,
Yet they live on,
My phobias creep beneath my skin.

~Rei Shiori

Broken down

Sometimes I wonder if you know,
How deep the damage actually goes,
Or do you not understand,
That when I cry,
I'm drowning myself inside,
The phobias,
They flush out,
No place to hide,
And I see you try,
But if I can't handle my demons,
Nobody else can,
No one can stare me in the eye,
Without being broken down a little more inside.

~Rei Shiori