Monday, 13 July 2015


I was always in the dirt,
In the dark,
Owing everyone myself,
Ripping out my heart,
Giving, giving till I can't breathe,
Holding on to,
Glass shards of dreams,
Gave you all,
You gave me hell,
Hung on anyway,
Rung my own death knell.

~Rei Shiori

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I am the darkness

I am not part of the darkness,
I am the darkness,
I'm that voice I hear,
All my mundane,
Silent fears,
Stoked into a frantic panic,
I am the angry tears,
I, the violence against myself,
The whirlwind tornado,
The welts against my own,
Parchment skin,
These are my briars,
They write on me,
So I can begin to feel again,
And in the echoes they leave by morning,
I am the shadow shell,
The hollow emptiness,
It is my own doing,
I am the darkness,
And in darkness only,
I live within.

~Rei Shiori