Sunday, 30 June 2013

Paper heart

He's holding my heart,
In sweaty hands,
Like a kitten,
Because he understands,
Paper hearts,
Are easily torn,
To pieces and shreds,
Gently, gently,
He sets me down to rest,
Paper heart,
Please be still,
I can feel you throbbing,
Fluttering against your will,
Paper heart,
Of this love,
Take your fill.

~Rei Shiori

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Your palms across my eyes,
Shutting out the lights,
That blinded me,
The warmth seeping in,
Through closed lids,
That had fallen asleep,
In pools of bitter tears,
That in quiet early mornings,

~Rei Shiori

Friday, 28 June 2013

The Beginning (Part 2)

3 months later in Aquarius

‘So what are we doing here?’ Lara asked Michael as she entered Julian’s penthouse in Black Pearl . The Black Pearl was just a fraction of the number of luxury hotels in the hotel chain that Julian’s family owned. This particular unit had the most amazing view of Aquarius. ‘Well, he wasn’t specific. Just said that he had something urgent and important to discuss.’ Michael answered nonchalantly. At that moment, Julian came through the double doors in full stride.
 ‘Thanks for coming guys, I know it was rather last minute but this couldn’t wait.’ he said while gesturing for both of them to take a seat on the leather armchairs. ‘Hurry up and tell us Jules, it’s rather unusual for you to have called us here so suddenly and not tell us what it’s about.’ Lara said.  ‘Right. The urgent matter is, I’ve found her.’ Julian all but spelled it out. Lara and Michael were speechless. After so many months of having no news, they thought that Julian had given up. Michael was the first to speak up, ‘Are you sure it’s her?’. ‘Yes, I’m sure’ Julian answered with confidence in his eyes. ‘Who is she’ Lara asked.

‘Her name is Arianna Acrux. Her mother is an event planner and her father is a businessman involved in almost every industry from real estate to electronics. They live in Scorpio.’ Julian explained. Michael had heard of that name before through his father’s friends. Everyone in Scorpio knew them as one of the richest family in that area and even others not native to Scorpio had heard about the businessman with the Midas touch, capable of turning any business into a gold mine.
‘You know the entire family are VIPs right?’ Lara addressed Julian. Julian’s face showed relief and a hint of uneasiness. ‘Now that you know she isn’t a fantasy what will you do?’ Michael said. Both he and Lara held their breaths as they waited for Julian’s answer.
‘I want to go to Scorpio and meet her. I need to know if she’s anything like the girl in my dreams.’  Michael and Lara looked at each other processing the information. Then Lara spoke up, ‘I haven’t been to Scorpio many times, I heard all the top designers have a shop there,‘ then she looked to Michael and said,’ What about you?’. ‘My brother did just open a new branch of his restaurant/club, maybe I should go over there and help him out.’ Michael replied.
 Julian was not expecting this reaction from them. ‘I didn’t tell you guys this so that you would follow me. I’m capable of doing this by myself.’ he interjected. Lara was the one who answered. ‘We know that but you’re our friend, what kind of friend would we be if we just let you go to a new city without a plan? Face it, the more people you have the easier it will be to come up with a plan to meet Arianna.’ Julian knew it was pointless to argue with Lara when she made up her mind and Michael would have only backed her up even more if he were to disagree. ‘Thanks guys.’ Julian said feeling so lucky he had friends like them. ‘Don’t thank us until you’ve meet her. We might not be able to help as much as you think.’ Michael said cutting into his good mood. ‘When do we leave?’ Lara asked with a slight smile.

‘As soon as the jet gets the green light to take off’


Pour out the dreams,
With a shaking hand,
Voice quivering,
Where have we gone now,
Not the same firebrand,
More like an ember now,
One single spark,
Held in the palm of your hand.

~Rei Shiori

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Goodbyes misted in ice and snow

You said,
There was nothing more,
To be spoken,
And turned away,
The cold air,
Misting in a silver cloud,
From your words,
So bitter,
I shivered,
Heard the ice crack,
And you were gone,
The sun still shining on the snow,
The quiet tinkling,
Of icicles on water,
Snowflakes settling in my wet lashes,
Ice cold as bone,
Footprints stopping,
Before the snow angels melting,
And the gaping empty hole,
Leaving me truly alone.

~Rei Shiori

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

All that remains

Roll down the windows,
Breeze in my hair,
I smile at your laughing face,
Throw up my hands without a care,
I remember,
I remember,
Your hazel eyes shining,
Then darkness,
And blackness,
The roar of the car,
Reduced to a machine whining,
I woke up to find you gone,
Walls and bedsheets,
Starched white,
My skin bleeding and torn,
I lay there unmoving,
Till they came for me,
Tears in my eyes,
Till I was so blinded,
But it didn't matter,
Because it was the ugly truth,
That I didn't want to see,
They told me we'd crashed,
And we were lucky to be alive,
They said in our last,
Final moments,
Before we landed,
You put your arms around me,
That's how only my skin,
Felt like it had been sanded,
But you lay in your bed,
Like a mummified corpse,
Machines beeping round,
I was afraid even to talk,
Your hands that I loved so,
We wrapped up so tight,
I was scared for you,
For you were my life,
I sat beside you for days,
Watching you slip away,
I sang to you, my love,
Could you hear me as I prayed?
I cried as you breathed,
A little harder each day,
Time was slipping by,
There wasn't anything more,
I could do or say,
So I whispered that I loved you,
That sunshiny day,
Held your hand,
As you let go at last,
Pieces of you in my memory,
Scars inside and out,
Are all that remains.

~Rei Shiori

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Storm Lullaby

Shush shush,
It's dark as night,
The storm is coming,
My little one,
Take cover,
Let your mind take flight,
I'll hold you closer,
Till the storm blows over,
We'll be alright,
Just you and I,
And I'll sing you to sleep,
While the thunder,
Beats to my lullaby.

~Rei Shiori

Monday, 24 June 2013

Never to wake

Furious I throw it,
Burying deep,
Where my heart has died,
It revives but for a while,
And weeps,
For a soul broken once again,
Admitting defeat,
I could never escape this depression,
It is all there is left,
Of me,
And I creep,
Like a wounded dog,
Too frightened,
To fight back,
Taking it all,
Until I finally sleep,
Never to wake again.

~Rei Shiori

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Her wedding day

All dressed up,
Five hours in exchange,
For the five years waiting,
She stands in the dressing room,
Her hands shaking,
Opens the box,
Where her mother's garter stays,
Notices the ring on her finger,
It's finally today,
Smile on her face,
Tears in her eyes,
Happy and yet sad,
To another part of her life,
It's goodbye,
Sits there waiting,
In her wedding dress,
Yards of lace,
A sea of white,
That she nervously pressed,
With aching fingers,
But the tingling won't go away,
And she wonders why,
Why on her wedding day,
He bridesmaids linger,
Fixing flowers to her hair,
She smiles and laughs,
As they make her prettier,
Than every other normal day,
Then the call comes in,
Her love is on the way,
Her throat clenches,
There is something she must say,
"I love you."
She can barely choke it out,
But why?
When so many times before,
She has said it,
He hangs up,
And she sits and waits,
Not a minute sooner,
Not a minute late,
He calls again,
But it's not him,
It's just the cops,
Telling her he's dead.

~Rei Shiori

Saturday, 22 June 2013


She's got fire in her blood,
Steaming up your skin,
As she slides up against you,
You feel that deeper yearning,
Screaming within,
And she's smiling at you now,
Asking you how,
You want it to be,
And you almost shiver,
Beneath the glimmer in her eyes,
Her voice is a purr,
Honey dripping,
Luxurious as fur,
You succumb,
At last,
To the darkness in her.

~Rei Shiori

Friday, 21 June 2013


Can you hear that thought?
As it runs down inside,
That hollowed darkness,
Of the maze,
That is my mind,
Curled like a child,
Within the womb,
To be born.

~Rei Shiori

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Be mine once again

Don't want to live alone,
Empty house,
Not even a home,
Touch the veil,
Of silent dust,
Scrape from this heart,
Layers of mold and rust,
Come back,
Come back,
These fallen times,
If only I could resurrect,
What was yours and mine,
Reverse the tears,
Fade away the pain,
Come back to me,
My love,
Be mine once again.

~Rei Shiori

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Don't want to live alone

I cannot love any other,
But just one of you,
Will do,
Be the one,
To see me through,
When I go deeper,
Into my personal hell,
Be the one to quench the fires,
Be the light,
To the darkness in my well,
Kiss me softly,
When I scream in my head,
Can you tell I'm dying?
A little more every day,
A little more dead,
Put up with me, my darling,
I don't want to live alone,
With my only companions,
Fear and dread.

~Rei Shiori

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

I love...

I love in the only way,
I know how,
In quiet words,
And muffled screams,
Silent looks,
That tell you more,
Than anything,
I would dare to dream,
For all that I cannot say,
These very lips that talk,
In myriad languages,
The one I cannot speak,
Is love,
I love in the only way I know how,
In unspoken promises,
And silent vows.

~Rei Shiori

This pretty much sums me up entirely. I can say almost anything but when it comes to "I love you." it ends up being a squeak or a whisper. =>.<=

Monday, 17 June 2013


Riding on the wind of change,
I dreamed often enough,
Of this world before me,
And a place where people smile,
When they see me,
And where they know my name,
And know myself,
For who I really am,

Because hiding too long in the shadows,
The light can often glare,
And the sounds can often drown,
The love is often a snare,
I get tired of playing the fool,
Of silly days spent,
Trying to always follow the rules,

Now I am free,
Reality is my teacher,
Life is my school.

~Rei Shiori

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Angel's wings

Close my eyes,
The steady rise and fall,
Of your chest behind my head,
As your chin rests on my hair,
Could it get any better?
To feel your heart beat,
Beating in tandem,
Your arms around mine curled,
Like a nest,
Angel's wings around me furled.

~Rei Shiori

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Happy Fathers' Day, Daddy

You said I smiled at you,
When I first came to be,
Gazing up with sleepy eyes,
At the one I'd be calling,
For the next few years,
You'd catch me as I crawled,
Off the crib edge,
The bed edge,
And basically drove you and mummy,
Right up the wall,
I wouldn't sleep,
Like other kids,
And you had to carry me,
And sing my curiosity away,
So I wouldn't be grumpy,
All through the next day,
I grew and grew,
And remembered wrestling with you,
I wasn't very big,
But still I guess I wasn't all that small,
Or was it just that you let me win,
Because I'm your daughter,
And be rewarded with that buck-toothed grin?
The years grew shorter,
And I grew a bit taller,
Waving goodbye at the tadika doors,
You said "Would you be ok?"
I smiled and skipped away,
As the rest wailed in a cacophonic chorus,
The months sped by,
By then I was nine,
Acing every class I went through,
By twelve I was at my peak,
Driven to succeed,
I didn't quite care for all of it,
But did it because I knew you do,
Burnt out at last,
High school wasn't much of a blast,
Fell in love but it was a mockery,
Of love stories and movies I watched in the past,
Didn't dare to tell you,
But somehow you knew,
Why was that, Daddy?
Maybe because I'm too much like you?
Rising, falling,
I didn't understand my calling,
Darkness of depression threatened to burn,
My days were spent in teenage angst,
But eventually academics became a burden,
By the time you stepped in,
To self-harm and depression,
I was no longer an uninitiated virgin,
Body intact,
But my mind all but wrecked,
You took the time to listen,
Back on track,
I'll make my way back,
Don't worry, Daddy,
I'm doing what I love now,
And I promise,
Your little girl,
Is not aiming to be that tiny shining star,
I'm going to be the sun,
I'll make this world watch,
As I show them what I've become,
And everything that from you I learned.

Happy Fathers' Day, Daddy. I love you :)

~Rei Shiori

Right here

Walking down this path with you,
Hand in hand,
Us two by two,
Petals in your hair,
Flowers everywhere,
Breathe in this scent,
Setting sun mingled,
Jasmine winding its way into the air,
Your eyes begging,
Kiss me,

~Rei Shiori

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Beginning

6 months ago in Aquarius

‘I dreamt of her again Michael. Sometimes it’s so real I can feel she’s there, really there, instead of just a dream my mind made up or just some figment of my imagination.’ Julian told his best friend Michael. And the worst part is I want to see her again even if it’s just a dream. 

What was the dream this time?’ Michael asked while taking a gulp of beer. This wasn’t the first of the dreams and Michael was sure it wouldn’t be the last. ‘She was in her room I think.  It was raining and she was curled up on a chair facing the window. She’d turned off all the lights and had her earphones on. She just sat there in the dark looking at the rain as it made a steady stream on the window panel. She turned towards me and just when I thought she was smiling, I woke up.’ Julian turned to Michael, his face inquiring, searching for some insight on his dreams. 

When he first had dreams about this mystery girl 2 years ago, he thought it was just his overactive imagination. But after some time, the dreams came to him almost every night and each time it was even more vivid than the last and despite the fact that it was a different dream; it would still be always about the same girl. At the beginning, he couldn’t recall what she looked like after he woke up, but as he dreamt of her more often, the mystery of her face began to unravel and was now a constant shadow on his mind. Her hair was black as night, high cheekbones with lips that were just begging to be kissed and she had the bluest eyes he’s ever seen on a person. And the most baffling thing of all was that whenever he dreamt of her tears, he felt as if he wanted to kill the person who made her shed them and at the same time wrap her in his arms and hold her close to his heart. Even after he woke up from the dream, he still felt the ache as if he had witnessed it first-hand, and it all made no sense.

‘You know Julian, have you ever thought of finding out if this girl even exists? I mean, you’ve dreamt of her for two years, I’m sure there’s something you can use to identify her or at least pinpoint her location even if you’ve never seen her before.’ he suggested. After all, it wasn’t like Julian lacked the resources to do it. Hell, you’d have a better chance of outrunning the authorities than Julian with all the money and connections he had.

 ‘Let’s say that by some miracle I did manage to unveil her identity, then what? I’ll just walk up to her and say ‘Hey, I’ve been dreaming about you for the past two years and I thought it was time we meet face-to-face.’ Is that my opening line?’ Julian cast an incredulous look at Michael that obviously said you must be crazy. ‘Look Jules, you know I don’t know anything about love or feelings synonymous with it but I do know you. Since you’ve been having these dreams, she’s the only girl you think about.’ he said rising from his armchair to stand beside Julian by the window overlooking the garden. 

Continuing his previous declaration he said,’ And before you start to say I’m wrong, let me point out something. True, even when you started having those dreams you still dated and even had a steady girlfriend. Elizabeth wasn’t it? But have you ever wondered why they were the ones that wanted to break off the relationship? You didn’t do anything to betray them did you? Like say, seeing someone else behind her back?’ Michael voiced the latter expecting an answer. Julian tore his gaze from the roses in full bloom lit by the moonlight to glare at his best friend.  ‘You know I wouldn’t never to something like that.’ he said vehemently.  Julian’s attention once again returned to the roses. ‘Maybe subconsciously my heart just wasn’t in any of those relationships.‘ he muttered almost inaudibly. 

Michael placed his hand on Julian’s shoulder. ‘Find her Julian. At least then you’ll know if this was all a trick your overactive brain played on you or something more.’ he said encouragingly. Just as Michael turned to his seat, Julian sighed and asked softly, ‘Michael answer me honestly, do you think that this girl could really exist? That she’s not just a figment of my imagination?’ Julian held his breath awaiting his answer. A heartbeat of silence passed, then another. Finally Michael voiced out, ‘We live in a world where mythical creatures like ourselves exist. If vampires, Lycans and witches are real, who’s to say that your dream girl doesn’t? 

 by S. Dawn & R. Shiori

Thursday, 13 June 2013


I hold these pieces a little closer,
Begging for warmth,
Of a past I thought would be the future,
Stare into your eyes,
Do you still love me?
Your arms around mine,
Maybe I can leave the pieces in your care,
I doubt I can hold on,
For one more try.

~Rei Shiori

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Throw this

She hurts more than you care to know,
Lights reflecting off her eyes,
No tears,
Glassy-eyed she walks home,
Where's the sparkle in them?
What happened to her smile that glowed?
She still tells you it's alright to go,
She'll never let you know,
That inside it worries her,
So much that nothing else,
Can quite reach through the fog,
She's almost ready to jump again,
Leave it behind,
Throw this all.

~Rei Shiori


Shattering numbness again,
Bring me back please,
I cannot bear the pain,
Let me run into the darkness,
And find you waiting,
This love wasn't a game.

~Rei Shiori

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sadistic Love

I never said it'd be easy,
Living like this,
Day to day,
The darkness creeps up on me,
Takes me by the hand,
The throat,
And tells me it's better,
Than you are,
That it can set me free,
I'm wandering around,
Lost in my thoughts,
And you think I'm floating away,
Drifting dandelion seed on the wind,
I was the nomad,
Never one to stay,
I can see it when I hurt you,
But darling,
It makes the black heart in me feel so good,
I shiver at the drama,
Love when it's wrong,
I bleed when you leave me,
But I can't stop it,
Even when I know it should.

~Rei Shiori

Monday, 10 June 2013

Whispered warning

Are we drifting apart?
Your hands are a little colder now,
Are you setting free my heart?
The days grow longer than before,
And I wonder when,
Will you next step through this door,
It gets so hard,
To get through another day,
And the time creeps by,
On dusty feet,
That seem to say,
A whispered warning.

~Rei Shiori

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Loved and Tried

I'm not lying,
In the way my body,
Fits against your chest,
Feel that heartbeat?
That's yours to keep,my love,
Can you feel it now,
Maybe not so much in the daylight,
Underneath all the harsh lights,
That blind my eyes,
With things I think,
Are diamonds,
But only glasses pretending to reflect,
Turning me away from what's in plain sight,
They can't win over you,
Nor your love or your quiet protective pride,
Kiss my forehead,love,
Please continue to hold me tight,
Even as I try to slip away,
Like I've always done before,
Every man with which,
I've loved and tried.

~Rei Shiori

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Soft kitty, Warm kitty.... =^.^=

I seem to be seeing cats everywhere lately. On my shirt, on my bag, on my tights, on my laptop wallpaper and even my Facebook cover picture. Literally everywhere.
Did I ever mention that I speak cat too? I just hope I haven't accidentally cussed at a cat with my meowing.

Finding the purrfect (excuse the lame pun, I just had to use it once) kitty shirt was almost impossible till I found this one from Kei Mag. Along with a few other goodies that can't be revealed here as they have my name on them. My real name that is ;)
Cat shirt from Kei Mag
I'm not advertising for them, but the softness of that kitty shirt made me want to wear it forever and ever and never take it off. Sadly where I live, that's close to impossible since I'd be smelling like a rotten fish by Day 2 of said insane plan.
Anyhow ever since then I've been busy trying to scout for more feline themed stuff to add to my collection. Don't ask me why. I know I own a dog and he'll think of this as betrayal and possibly treason (he thinks he's king of the universe sometimes) but I can't help loving cats too since I seem to have an affinity for them.
So here goes the list :
  1.  First up in this group is the meow tee from Forever 21. It's a black cat on a loose tee. What's not to love especially since the weather is not accommodating my normal all-black attire?
  2. Ginger kitty wearing specs and a bow tie. I swear if I had a cat, I'd put a bow tie on it too. Plus point, it's a muscle tee. Less fabric=More air for my skin.
  3.  That shocked look on the cat. Grey background. Headphones. To sum up the whole thing? I WANT IT!
  4. Last of the batch in a sweet pastel pink with kittens all over. I'm drooling over it (sadly unattainable in this country unless I order it from US but the exchange rate is a killer) I've had a thing for pastels lately so I guess this isn't surprising. 
This one here is from zazzle and as usual, unattainable since it's only available online T.T
 But still hunting for this watch at a cheaper price.

But wait, not all is lost even though I have no credit card/PayPal account or enough money to purchase aforementioned feline-fetish items.

I did manage to get my hands on these tights with kitties on the knees
The cat shirt from Kei Mag does count as a success as well, right?  =^.^=
Let me end this kitty-madness with a last parting pic of a shirt I've been itching to find in addition to the cat-ear beanie which I discovered at a steep price at Fourskin.

Pretty obvious huh?
My favourite rhyme/kiddie song :
Soft Kitty,Warm Kitty, 
Little ball of fur, 
Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, 
Purr purr, purr.

~The Big Bang Theory (movie)

You never came

Just give me a reason,
To hang on to all that we were before,
From strangers to lovers,
To friends to foes,
From ashes to a rose,
Now it's all gone,
All gone,
And you're not sad,
Not even close,
While I was there begging at your feet,
You just didn't give a shit,
So I moved on,
Lived with one,
Who made me his earth,
His moon,
His sun,
I never asked to be your universe,
Just a little piece of you,
Just a little bit of love,
And you couldn't let me,
Couldn't love me,
Had to be set free,
Haven't you heard?
They said that love's a bird,
That sits willingly in a cage,
Built with gilded bars,
Not to trap but to protect,
But your food turned to poison in my presence,
And your words turned to lies,
So I drenched the nightly dreams with tears,
And lived with constant fears in my life,
I gave in,
Then gave up,
It was all caving in on me,
It became too much,
The cries were getting harder,
But you were getting colder,
I left in desperation,
But you never came after.

~Rei Shiori 

The cafe - Realization

Continuation from The cafe.

“Charissa? Charissa Oscar?” the young man exclaimed in surprise. She could barely believe her eyes as she took in all six feet eight inches of the blond youth before her eyes. The last time she had seen him, he had been hooked up to a machine, barely hanging on to life. She didn’t believe that he would ever recover. 

Moving away, two cities and three failed relationships later, here he was before her eyes, as large as life and with a healthy glow to his previously pale cheeks. The calico cat rubbed itself against her elbows as she propped herself up, its rounded haunches and silky fur bringing her back down to earth from her distant memories. He set down the tray he had been holding almost like a shield in front of his chest and reached a tentative hand towards her. She took it, feeling the warmth and work-roughened skin against her smoother one. He was real. 

“Devon Ather.” she murmured more to herself than to him. She remembered everything all too well. The shrill beeping of the machines strapped to him, the metallic feel of needles poking into his skin, pale as the snow that constantly fell in sheets outside his hospital window, everything about him white and cold…and dying. She had cried till there was nothing left to shed, and let herself be pulled away from him by her mother who was concerned that her only daughter was slowly dying along with the young man who lay as still and as beautifully cold as a statue on top of a marble sarcophagus. She had left him behind to die. 

Hot tears spilled down her cheeks even as she rose to her feet and tried to hide her face behind the long sweep of her dark red hair. Wet splotches patterned the floor beneath her feet. His footsteps moved away and she heaved a sigh. 

Charissa. That had been her name once. She had tried so hard to erase her past. Their past. For everyone’s sake, she had been told that it was the best course of action. She would be forgiven if she lived her normal, humdrum existence in the city of a thousand people until she lost her own identity. But she had suffered so much. 

A tissue popped into her line of sight, startling her. Devon was as awkward as always. Not even a near death experience had changed him. She smiled through her tears and prepared to launch into apology mode. Years of living among people who thought themselves superior to everyone else had taught her to apologise as fast as possible and walk away. Don’t turn back. She opened her mouth and a finger pressed lightly against her lips, stopping the flow of words she was about to say. 

Everything died in the back of her throat as she looked up into his face. That same face she had spent hours looking at, afraid that all she would see for him would be the darkness of his own world and yet so in love with him that she could not look away for fear of missing a single breath, perhaps his last. 

The same platinum blond shaggy hair, thicker and glossier than she remembered, the same full mouth that was constantly quirked at the corners as if permanently hiding a joke from the world, the same smooth planes of his cheekbones and clean-shaven jaw. He smiled. The cat purred. The last few years melted away into a maelstrom of emotions. Happiness, sadness, joy, relief, shame, love. She couldn’t imagine how she had managed to live for so long without him. They had always been a pair, destined from the start to be together, as cheesy and clich├ęd as it sounded. But that was the way it was. Chaos and Death. They went hand in hand. 

~Rei Shiori

Friday, 7 June 2013

I watched you bleed

All we can do is love,
Even if we watch them drown and die,
Hold on to them,
As they cry and cry,
We cling to their hands,
We kiss their tears dry,
But in the end,
We still have to learn,
How to say goodbye,
I watched as you cut your skin to shreds,
Like white paper,
It tore to bits,
Watched as the garnet bracelets began to show,
Round your arms,
Your wrist,
Your thighs,
Anywhere they could possibly go,
I watched you starve,
Your eyes sunken deep,
I watched you die,
I watched you bleed.

~Rei Shiori

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Burn the witch

We've set the wheels in motion,
When will the thread snap in two?
And the bier begin to burn,
Strange I don't taste the bitterness,
Of wormwood on my tongue,
Punished, yes,
But I feel it not,
For the sin,
Was for the love of one,
They do not understand,
Uneducated creatures as they are,
I cared for a single man,
But they accuse me of every adulterer,
So I carry on singing in the fire,
As the crowds begin to chant,
"Burn the witch for she seduced our sons".

~Rei Shiori

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


In the fury of the moment,
I crushed the petals of the flower,
Bleeding scarlet in my hands,
And then wept,
To see it dead,
Like drops of blood,
Spilled across your lap,
Even then your eyes were kind,
And you told me you loved me still,
Even if it was your heart that lay,
Bleeding in the hands,
That are mine.

~Rei Shiori

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Past glories

Here we stand,
Still holding on to past glories,
Faded memories,
Of times gone by,
Still the light of it all,
Remains reflected in our eyes,
And we wonder why we can't move on,
Neither forward nor back,
Something is gone,
That crucial piece that we lack,
It's gone,
Throw the trophies into the sack.

~Rei Shiori

Monday, 3 June 2013

Kill me now

Round and round we go,
Lost souls trapped within glass walls,
Forever drifting in this,
Crystalline glass bowl,
Refractions of light,
Trickling down,
Drowning out the sound,
Water dragging you down,
And after it all you still feel so stupid,
When they tell you that you should've drowned,
Let the water come,
Close over my head,
Kill me now.

~Rei Shiori

Sunday, 2 June 2013


Here we go again,
Always something missing in the end,
What is it this time?
That wasn't in that?
Can't be sure,
Feels like your hands around my neck,
I'm running out of breath to live,
You say you love me,
But is it true,
What you speak?
If I can't trust you in words,
How can I trust you,
To not crush my voice,
When it is your honesty I seek.

~Rei Shiori

Waltz of memories

Wandering around in circles,
I return to you,
Back to where it all began,
Looking up into your eyes,
I see the past,
At your feet the future,
And I long so much to return,
But the gates have long rusted,
The castle fallen to ruins,
Where will you take me this time?
The never-ending waltz,
As I lay in your arms,
The memories flash by,
Like old forgotten charms,
Linked by a chain around my neck,
Held in bonds,
That I cannot recollect.

~Rei Shiori

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The murderous mother

Can you see the darkness in her eyes?
The faint beginnings,
That start of as feathered vines,
As they creep in to swallow her whole,
Sanity and all,
The girl you see now,
She's growing ever more distant,
Infinitely cold,
Her blood doesn't warm,
At the child she carries,
Nestled in the crook of her arm,
And she's grown so old,
In the space of a heartbeat,
She ages more than you know,
While watching the sleeping infant,
Unknown to the innocent,
Her heart is hardening to it,
The devil grows bold.

~Rei Shiori