Saturday, 8 June 2013

You never came

Just give me a reason,
To hang on to all that we were before,
From strangers to lovers,
To friends to foes,
From ashes to a rose,
Now it's all gone,
All gone,
And you're not sad,
Not even close,
While I was there begging at your feet,
You just didn't give a shit,
So I moved on,
Lived with one,
Who made me his earth,
His moon,
His sun,
I never asked to be your universe,
Just a little piece of you,
Just a little bit of love,
And you couldn't let me,
Couldn't love me,
Had to be set free,
Haven't you heard?
They said that love's a bird,
That sits willingly in a cage,
Built with gilded bars,
Not to trap but to protect,
But your food turned to poison in my presence,
And your words turned to lies,
So I drenched the nightly dreams with tears,
And lived with constant fears in my life,
I gave in,
Then gave up,
It was all caving in on me,
It became too much,
The cries were getting harder,
But you were getting colder,
I left in desperation,
But you never came after.

~Rei Shiori 

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