Friday, 14 June 2013

The Beginning

6 months ago in Aquarius

‘I dreamt of her again Michael. Sometimes it’s so real I can feel she’s there, really there, instead of just a dream my mind made up or just some figment of my imagination.’ Julian told his best friend Michael. And the worst part is I want to see her again even if it’s just a dream. 

What was the dream this time?’ Michael asked while taking a gulp of beer. This wasn’t the first of the dreams and Michael was sure it wouldn’t be the last. ‘She was in her room I think.  It was raining and she was curled up on a chair facing the window. She’d turned off all the lights and had her earphones on. She just sat there in the dark looking at the rain as it made a steady stream on the window panel. She turned towards me and just when I thought she was smiling, I woke up.’ Julian turned to Michael, his face inquiring, searching for some insight on his dreams. 

When he first had dreams about this mystery girl 2 years ago, he thought it was just his overactive imagination. But after some time, the dreams came to him almost every night and each time it was even more vivid than the last and despite the fact that it was a different dream; it would still be always about the same girl. At the beginning, he couldn’t recall what she looked like after he woke up, but as he dreamt of her more often, the mystery of her face began to unravel and was now a constant shadow on his mind. Her hair was black as night, high cheekbones with lips that were just begging to be kissed and she had the bluest eyes he’s ever seen on a person. And the most baffling thing of all was that whenever he dreamt of her tears, he felt as if he wanted to kill the person who made her shed them and at the same time wrap her in his arms and hold her close to his heart. Even after he woke up from the dream, he still felt the ache as if he had witnessed it first-hand, and it all made no sense.

‘You know Julian, have you ever thought of finding out if this girl even exists? I mean, you’ve dreamt of her for two years, I’m sure there’s something you can use to identify her or at least pinpoint her location even if you’ve never seen her before.’ he suggested. After all, it wasn’t like Julian lacked the resources to do it. Hell, you’d have a better chance of outrunning the authorities than Julian with all the money and connections he had.

 ‘Let’s say that by some miracle I did manage to unveil her identity, then what? I’ll just walk up to her and say ‘Hey, I’ve been dreaming about you for the past two years and I thought it was time we meet face-to-face.’ Is that my opening line?’ Julian cast an incredulous look at Michael that obviously said you must be crazy. ‘Look Jules, you know I don’t know anything about love or feelings synonymous with it but I do know you. Since you’ve been having these dreams, she’s the only girl you think about.’ he said rising from his armchair to stand beside Julian by the window overlooking the garden. 

Continuing his previous declaration he said,’ And before you start to say I’m wrong, let me point out something. True, even when you started having those dreams you still dated and even had a steady girlfriend. Elizabeth wasn’t it? But have you ever wondered why they were the ones that wanted to break off the relationship? You didn’t do anything to betray them did you? Like say, seeing someone else behind her back?’ Michael voiced the latter expecting an answer. Julian tore his gaze from the roses in full bloom lit by the moonlight to glare at his best friend.  ‘You know I wouldn’t never to something like that.’ he said vehemently.  Julian’s attention once again returned to the roses. ‘Maybe subconsciously my heart just wasn’t in any of those relationships.‘ he muttered almost inaudibly. 

Michael placed his hand on Julian’s shoulder. ‘Find her Julian. At least then you’ll know if this was all a trick your overactive brain played on you or something more.’ he said encouragingly. Just as Michael turned to his seat, Julian sighed and asked softly, ‘Michael answer me honestly, do you think that this girl could really exist? That she’s not just a figment of my imagination?’ Julian held his breath awaiting his answer. A heartbeat of silence passed, then another. Finally Michael voiced out, ‘We live in a world where mythical creatures like ourselves exist. If vampires, Lycans and witches are real, who’s to say that your dream girl doesn’t? 

 by S. Dawn & R. Shiori

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