Wednesday, 26 June 2013

All that remains

Roll down the windows,
Breeze in my hair,
I smile at your laughing face,
Throw up my hands without a care,
I remember,
I remember,
Your hazel eyes shining,
Then darkness,
And blackness,
The roar of the car,
Reduced to a machine whining,
I woke up to find you gone,
Walls and bedsheets,
Starched white,
My skin bleeding and torn,
I lay there unmoving,
Till they came for me,
Tears in my eyes,
Till I was so blinded,
But it didn't matter,
Because it was the ugly truth,
That I didn't want to see,
They told me we'd crashed,
And we were lucky to be alive,
They said in our last,
Final moments,
Before we landed,
You put your arms around me,
That's how only my skin,
Felt like it had been sanded,
But you lay in your bed,
Like a mummified corpse,
Machines beeping round,
I was afraid even to talk,
Your hands that I loved so,
We wrapped up so tight,
I was scared for you,
For you were my life,
I sat beside you for days,
Watching you slip away,
I sang to you, my love,
Could you hear me as I prayed?
I cried as you breathed,
A little harder each day,
Time was slipping by,
There wasn't anything more,
I could do or say,
So I whispered that I loved you,
That sunshiny day,
Held your hand,
As you let go at last,
Pieces of you in my memory,
Scars inside and out,
Are all that remains.

~Rei Shiori

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