Saturday, 8 June 2013

Soft kitty, Warm kitty.... =^.^=

I seem to be seeing cats everywhere lately. On my shirt, on my bag, on my tights, on my laptop wallpaper and even my Facebook cover picture. Literally everywhere.
Did I ever mention that I speak cat too? I just hope I haven't accidentally cussed at a cat with my meowing.

Finding the purrfect (excuse the lame pun, I just had to use it once) kitty shirt was almost impossible till I found this one from Kei Mag. Along with a few other goodies that can't be revealed here as they have my name on them. My real name that is ;)
Cat shirt from Kei Mag
I'm not advertising for them, but the softness of that kitty shirt made me want to wear it forever and ever and never take it off. Sadly where I live, that's close to impossible since I'd be smelling like a rotten fish by Day 2 of said insane plan.
Anyhow ever since then I've been busy trying to scout for more feline themed stuff to add to my collection. Don't ask me why. I know I own a dog and he'll think of this as betrayal and possibly treason (he thinks he's king of the universe sometimes) but I can't help loving cats too since I seem to have an affinity for them.
So here goes the list :
  1.  First up in this group is the meow tee from Forever 21. It's a black cat on a loose tee. What's not to love especially since the weather is not accommodating my normal all-black attire?
  2. Ginger kitty wearing specs and a bow tie. I swear if I had a cat, I'd put a bow tie on it too. Plus point, it's a muscle tee. Less fabric=More air for my skin.
  3.  That shocked look on the cat. Grey background. Headphones. To sum up the whole thing? I WANT IT!
  4. Last of the batch in a sweet pastel pink with kittens all over. I'm drooling over it (sadly unattainable in this country unless I order it from US but the exchange rate is a killer) I've had a thing for pastels lately so I guess this isn't surprising. 
This one here is from zazzle and as usual, unattainable since it's only available online T.T
 But still hunting for this watch at a cheaper price.

But wait, not all is lost even though I have no credit card/PayPal account or enough money to purchase aforementioned feline-fetish items.

I did manage to get my hands on these tights with kitties on the knees
The cat shirt from Kei Mag does count as a success as well, right?  =^.^=
Let me end this kitty-madness with a last parting pic of a shirt I've been itching to find in addition to the cat-ear beanie which I discovered at a steep price at Fourskin.

Pretty obvious huh?
My favourite rhyme/kiddie song :
Soft Kitty,Warm Kitty, 
Little ball of fur, 
Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, 
Purr purr, purr.

~The Big Bang Theory (movie)

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