Sunday, 23 June 2013

Her wedding day

All dressed up,
Five hours in exchange,
For the five years waiting,
She stands in the dressing room,
Her hands shaking,
Opens the box,
Where her mother's garter stays,
Notices the ring on her finger,
It's finally today,
Smile on her face,
Tears in her eyes,
Happy and yet sad,
To another part of her life,
It's goodbye,
Sits there waiting,
In her wedding dress,
Yards of lace,
A sea of white,
That she nervously pressed,
With aching fingers,
But the tingling won't go away,
And she wonders why,
Why on her wedding day,
He bridesmaids linger,
Fixing flowers to her hair,
She smiles and laughs,
As they make her prettier,
Than every other normal day,
Then the call comes in,
Her love is on the way,
Her throat clenches,
There is something she must say,
"I love you."
She can barely choke it out,
But why?
When so many times before,
She has said it,
He hangs up,
And she sits and waits,
Not a minute sooner,
Not a minute late,
He calls again,
But it's not him,
It's just the cops,
Telling her he's dead.

~Rei Shiori

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