Friday, 28 June 2013

The Beginning (Part 2)

3 months later in Aquarius

‘So what are we doing here?’ Lara asked Michael as she entered Julian’s penthouse in Black Pearl . The Black Pearl was just a fraction of the number of luxury hotels in the hotel chain that Julian’s family owned. This particular unit had the most amazing view of Aquarius. ‘Well, he wasn’t specific. Just said that he had something urgent and important to discuss.’ Michael answered nonchalantly. At that moment, Julian came through the double doors in full stride.
 ‘Thanks for coming guys, I know it was rather last minute but this couldn’t wait.’ he said while gesturing for both of them to take a seat on the leather armchairs. ‘Hurry up and tell us Jules, it’s rather unusual for you to have called us here so suddenly and not tell us what it’s about.’ Lara said.  ‘Right. The urgent matter is, I’ve found her.’ Julian all but spelled it out. Lara and Michael were speechless. After so many months of having no news, they thought that Julian had given up. Michael was the first to speak up, ‘Are you sure it’s her?’. ‘Yes, I’m sure’ Julian answered with confidence in his eyes. ‘Who is she’ Lara asked.

‘Her name is Arianna Acrux. Her mother is an event planner and her father is a businessman involved in almost every industry from real estate to electronics. They live in Scorpio.’ Julian explained. Michael had heard of that name before through his father’s friends. Everyone in Scorpio knew them as one of the richest family in that area and even others not native to Scorpio had heard about the businessman with the Midas touch, capable of turning any business into a gold mine.
‘You know the entire family are VIPs right?’ Lara addressed Julian. Julian’s face showed relief and a hint of uneasiness. ‘Now that you know she isn’t a fantasy what will you do?’ Michael said. Both he and Lara held their breaths as they waited for Julian’s answer.
‘I want to go to Scorpio and meet her. I need to know if she’s anything like the girl in my dreams.’  Michael and Lara looked at each other processing the information. Then Lara spoke up, ‘I haven’t been to Scorpio many times, I heard all the top designers have a shop there,‘ then she looked to Michael and said,’ What about you?’. ‘My brother did just open a new branch of his restaurant/club, maybe I should go over there and help him out.’ Michael replied.
 Julian was not expecting this reaction from them. ‘I didn’t tell you guys this so that you would follow me. I’m capable of doing this by myself.’ he interjected. Lara was the one who answered. ‘We know that but you’re our friend, what kind of friend would we be if we just let you go to a new city without a plan? Face it, the more people you have the easier it will be to come up with a plan to meet Arianna.’ Julian knew it was pointless to argue with Lara when she made up her mind and Michael would have only backed her up even more if he were to disagree. ‘Thanks guys.’ Julian said feeling so lucky he had friends like them. ‘Don’t thank us until you’ve meet her. We might not be able to help as much as you think.’ Michael said cutting into his good mood. ‘When do we leave?’ Lara asked with a slight smile.

‘As soon as the jet gets the green light to take off’

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