Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Have your way

I should have seen it coming
Cliched as it sounds
The walls were closing in and
I didn’t learn to run
Didn’t learn to breathe on my own
Pinned down under illusions
Of a fairer trade
My heart
For your whiny greed
Unsatisfied despite your luxurious fate
I was content to exist
And you were content to make
My personality fade
I was your little pet
In your cruel gold cage
While you weaved your endless
Wants around my head
Like poison ivy in my dreams
They made me dream in nightshade
And you
Bully that you are
Were simply content
To let me drown
In the lake of guilt you made
Waters closing over my head
No sounds
‘Don’t speak’ you said
You would have your way

 ~Rei Shiori

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