Thursday, 8 August 2013

Not her. Not here.~Kidnapped Version

She was there,
Just across the railings,
Smiling at me,
Holding her favourite,
Teddy bear,
One arm clutched tight,
Around the pole,
Just like I told her to,
My little angel,
Was turning two,
She was decked in pretty ribbons,
Pink and white and blue,
All the colours she loved,
And the dress she coveted last week too,
I watched her,
And watched her,
Round and round,
The spinning lights of the fair,
A moment,
I turned,
A moment,
Just a second ago,
She was there,
I swear,
And then she was not,
All i could think of was,
Not her,
Not here,
I began to push my way forward,
There on the merry-go-round floor,
Lay her sad, little teddy bear,
Staring at me,
With a knowing gaze,
He had seen all,
While me,
I was not aware,
My baby was gone,
I was too shocked,
To even pray or swear,
Now the fair lights,
Are flashing blue and red,
My baby's gone,
She could be dead,
They hand me her bear,
And the glass eyes seem full of tears,
They ask me for photos,
And I can barely see,
As the tears come fast,
Blinding me,
So careless,
And she paid for my folly,
Just minutes ago,
She was here,
They come to me,
A bundle of pink and white and blue,
I scream and scream,
Her head lolls limply,
Her lips are blue,
Not her,
Please not her,
Don't take my baby,
I cry to God even as the lights,
Blend into a psychedelic blur,
I hear the paramedics say,
Someone help lift this lady,
And the lights fade away,
I think I hear her softly say,
I'm ok, mummy,
I'm not in there anymore anyway.

~Rei Shiori

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