Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Not her. Not here.~Warped Version

she's beautiful,
the dying light,
picking out the lines,
of highlights in her hair,
that smooth curve,
her shoulders,
i breath in the scent of her,
a woman,
a girl,
the way a stallion scents a mare,
is she the one tonight?
she is here,
perhaps it will be her,
perhaps it will be as they say,
when sunshine merges with the night,
i will love her,
she will be mine,
may she not fight,
what is destined to be,
mine by right,
perhaps she will make it so,
all those women,
before her,
dimmed by her meeker glow,
will not scream,
her voice pitched low,
may she be her,
may it be acceptance she shows,
i reach for her,
and she draws back,
why fear and not the adoration i expect?
i reach again,
that cringe,
i know full well,
her face turns an ugly stare of hate,
i can feel the heart beat,
in her,
within her,
it is a tempo of dread,
i sling her down,
down towards more forgiving ground,
she writhes and bucks,
but lady,
you've run out of luck,
i learn to live,
beneath your skin,
i crawl,
burrow within,
shush girl,
even if you're not her,
and your mind is no longer here,
you'll do,
you'll do,
for now,
i'm through with you.

~Rei Shiori

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