Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hush now

Hush now,
She rocks the child asleep,
But she's the one who's crying,
She's the one who weeps,
Hush now,
That's what he said to her,
One hand above her mouth,
Shutting in her fear,
Hush now,
They scream at her at night,
For shame the neighbours hear them,
They rant and rail and fight,
Hush now,
They take her to the room,
Quiet and clinical,
They tell her it's demon spawn,
It should meet its doom,
Hush now,
She holds it in her arms,
The face is her own,
But now they are beyond harm,
Hush now,
It opens its eyes,
Don't fear my darling,
Mummy will follow you beyond the light.

~Rei Shiori

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