Saturday, 30 July 2016

Anywhere but goodbye

You ask me why
My thumb draws circles
On the backs of your hands
Round and round they go
Like that childhood song
Round and round they go
I bite my lip to stop
The tears from coming
My heart feels so low
You talk like we’ll have forever
Drawing castles in the air
It’s never been anything but a dare
You say goodbye like it means
Like you don’t realize how scary
It seems to be
That if I kiss you in parting today
A week from now
I’ll have to walk past you like
We never touched
And that is the reality I must bear
Those pictures I took in your room
The yellow walls
They now entomb
The one I would’ve died for
But you didn’t care
And yet again
That is the reality I must bear
I’d rather be anywhere else
Than where you say

~Rachel Alexandrina N.C.L.

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