Thursday, 25 July 2013

Keep breathing

Some dreams come true,
When you're not even looking,
So breathe,
The shadows don't last,
You'll find love one day,
And this time it will really be 'us',
No more excuses,
No more broken trust,
Fairytales start with bitter beginnings,
But only the strong make it to the story's ending,
Our happy ever afters,
Will come one day,
If we make it through today,
Keep breathing,
He's going to love your smile,
More than the other ever did,
And he'll hold you closer,
Protect you with every heart beat,
Sure he won't be on a white charger,
Not even a car,
But who cares,
As long as he's not another,
Like the ones before,
Chin up,
Keep living,
Keep your dreams alive,
Fight for what you believe in,
One day he'll fall in love,
Not with a damsel in distress,
Not another girl bound to just be a mistress,
He'll fall for your heart,
And the passion you hold,
He'll fall for you,
And when he comes,
You'll know.

~Rei Shiori

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