Friday, 12 July 2013

Writing pain

Writing in quiet,
She begins her own journey,
Deep within,
The heart she,
Never knew she had,
And the mind,
That was always,
Constantly sad,
As her tears fall,
To the bleached white sheets,
Her memories stir,
The frozen heart beats,
She cries for a past long gone,
Cries for herself,
Too long being so strong,
The tears bleed,
Black floods of ink,
She cries and she cries,
But the words,
They don't stop coming,
The men she loved,
The places she's been,
The friends she's lost,
The people who made her,
Into the ice queen,
Relentless the rain beats,
At the window panes,
Heaven is crying she writes,
With faltering hand,
Guided by all the saints,
Intent on letting her pain,
Drip away into,
The lines between her pain,
Put into writing.

~Rei Shiori

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