Sunday, 1 December 2013

Leave the lights on for me

Turn the lights on,
Leave them on for me,
I can't come home,
Till it's time for you to be gone,
And that's the saddest part,
Of being me,
We used to sleep together,
One and the same,
In all but name,
Same bed,
Same house,
Same love,
But hey,
Now I can't even touch your face,
Your tears seep through my fingertips,
And I turn back away,
Into the shadowy dark,
Leave the lights on for me,
So I can find my way back,
Even if it isn't into your bed,
At least let me remain in your heart,
I'll keep watch over you,
As you cry yourself to sleep,
Cursing at the fates and the wishing stars,
Leave the lights on for me,
Don't forget who we used to be,
Don't give up yet,
Not on me,
We'll be together again,
One day you'll see,
So please,
Leave the lights on for me.

~Rei Shiori

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