Monday, 30 December 2013

Ripple Effect 10 ( a Beginning continuation )

"Aren’t you going to give Dom an answer, Ari?" Vela’s question pulled her back from her memories.

"Yes." her voice was merely a whisper and Dominic rewarded her with the same smile that he had given her all those years ago. A smile that came straight from his heart and one that showed in his eyes. A smile that he had shown to few, and of whom she was one of the lucky ones. Arianna blushed, noting the looks that passed between their friends.

"Thank you. Now that you’ve agreed, it solves my dilemma as well.  Grandmother is always setting me up with girls from noble households hoping that I would take a liking to them. It’s become quite a nuisance to be honest. At least this year I can take a break from the awkward meetings." he said with a more solemn expression.

Just then, Adrian joined them bearing good news. "I’ve got a hold of our stalker. His name is Michael Arrakis, a werewolf from Aquarius. I doubt he came alone to Scorpio so I had them look into where he has taken up residence and came up with another two names. It seems he came to Scorpio three months ago with two of his friends; Julian Alioth, a hybrid and Lara Antares, a shifter. All three of them are currently staying at Arrakis’s mansion in Scorpio. Their background check turned out to be spotless and nothing indicates that they would be interested in our merry band for any nefarious reason." he said while taking a seat opposite Arianna, next to Velaria.

Dominic spoke up first, "Wait, you mean Arrakis as in ArrakisSecurites? The ones who act as bodyguards for the Council?"

"Not only the Council, any Nocturner who can afford the price can obtain their services. Plus, they have the same business in the human world, protecting celebrities like Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp. The Alioth’s manage a chain of luxury hotel while the Antares family focuses mainly on wildlife conservation. Both of them are also big contenders in the human world."

"I thought they’re based in Aquarius, what are they doing here?" Dominic voiced.

"Oh, it seems we were a bit paranoid after all. His brother just opened a club a few months back so he’s here to see how it’s doing, and as far as I can deduce, both Lara and Julian are here for recreational purposes." Adrian shared as he ticked off the facts on his fingers.

"At least we have one less thing to worry about. And soon, we’ll know what Maxwell wants." Arianna let out a sigh of relief. 

~by S.Dawn & R.Shiori 

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