Wednesday, 16 September 2015

For You

I've always been one to fight,
Never again underdog,
Never again crouched down,
Holed up in a corner,
Eyes scrunched tight,
Words lashing,
I made my way,
Slowly surely,
Scars hidden away,
Figured I'd make it,
At least blazing to the top,
Even if not,
I'd be that bright spark,
Before I go out,
Oh but these arms are weary now,
And this mind is so heavy,
My thoughts are rain clouds,
Grey, dreary,
I can't fight as I used to,
I can't swim against currents,
This heart has been abused too,
But I say your name,
And shadows turn despite,
Their cloaking darkness,
Was once suffocating night,
I say your name,
My prayer,
My charm,
I'd fight myself to keep you from harm,
My demons,
I'll slay,
This thunderstorm,
The thoughts I keep,
I'll quell their rage,
I scream and I cry,
But they only echo in my mind,
Touch me,
Your warmth brings silence,

~Rei Shiori

~Rei Shiori

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