Wednesday, 23 October 2013


They said the light at the end,
Would be my beginning,
But as I left that secure darkness,
I began to doubt,
I heard any angels singing,
Nothing to herald,
My entry to this vast room,
My beginning only sealed my doom,
Stinging slaps,
I couldn't believe,
They'd do this to me,
Screaming and shouting,
My ears almost bled out,
Lights glared in my eyes,
I was pushed and prodded about,
Uncomfortable cold,
Seeped through my bones,
So weary,
So weary,
Why was I not told?
I heard them say up there,
I would be born to a loving household,
So why am I lying here,
Gradually getting colder than cold?
The itchy blankets around me chafe,
As tears drip down,
Stinging skin that has barely felt anything,
But is now going back beyond life,
And further to death,
Blurry shapes,
I barely can discern,
Someone calls a name,
Mine, I presume,
The air grows tighter,
My chest burns,
I gasp for air,
Every breath,
It hurts,
The crying continues,
Soft yet desperately wild,
She rocks me in her arms,
Tells me she loves me,
Her only child,
I understand,
But it's time to go,
Born to suffer,
But for a minute,
Then gone,
They whisper to her,
As I fade out,
And my vision turns into snow.

~Rei Shiori

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