Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Tyrant bully

It's about time,
Someone took a hit at you,
Your constant selfishness,
And arrogance,
Bordering on being a tyrant,
You're just a bully,
And I hope karma hits you hard,
Hopefully in the neck,
That you may never,
Be able to get up,
And be a nuisance to society again,
You utter waste of oxygen.

~Rei Shiori

This is for a housemate of mine, who happens to be the most selfish, disgusting, arrogant, ball-less piece of human alive. Keep on bullying girls and mistreating that girlfriend of yours. Continue stealing the internet line and other people's food and throwing things that don't belong to you. Continue lying and covering your own ass while making trouble everywhere else. Continue being the asshat you are. Someone will be less kind than I and then you'll pay for it.

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