Thursday, 31 October 2013

Full circle

So it's come full circle,
The line is drawn back,
From beginning to end,
We meet,
We part,
Then meet again,
I would not give,
What you wanted to have,
This heart,
My own,
No man's land,
The past,
The future,
None represent,
What I have become,
And how much more of a person,
I now am,
I am not that child that clung to your hand,
I am not that girl who cried as you ran,
I am not the broken one,
I am not a piece of property,
I am appreciated, cherished and loved,
By someone better than him,
Who will never be a man.

~Rei Shiori

Well, happy birthday to my blog! It's now one year old and I am so proud of it even though it's not the prettiest or the best around or has millions of followers. I'm still happy I stuck with writing a bit each day and that this compilation has grown so much. Happy Halloween as well everyone!

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