Thursday, 2 January 2014


Slipping by the river,
Floating downstream,
She’s wading into the deep end,
Doesn’t care if she’s seen,
Tears down her face,
Knots in her hair,
Do you see her?
Do you see her?
She doesn’t really care,
Voice in a chorus,
The river hums along,
Swirling round her legs,
The current getting strong,
Do you see her?
Do you see her?
Hair like flame,
Eyes on fire,
They say she’s a witch,
But they don’t understand,
Not when they’ve all lived in the mire,
Too long,
Too long,
She tarried here,
Now they come with sticks and stones,
Even her love will break her,
Do you see her?
Do you see her?
Down by the river,
Singing her song,
She floats with the current,
And then she’s gone.

~Rei Shiori

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