Thursday, 30 January 2014

Just you and me

Let's fly away,
Just you and me,
We'll forget them all,
These weights and rules,
We'll leave them behind,
We'll break them,
And prove we are more,
Than what we dreamed we could be,
We'll travel the world,
Tread the paths,
Where only the bravest trod,
Those who would leave behind,
The endless superstitions,
And laws made by man,
Not God,
We'll find eternity,
In the stars we fall asleep to,
And sing to the voices of people,
Who coo like doves in love,
We'll sing those songs out loud,
You know them,
The ones we used to sing in secret,
While in the loo,
We'll travel far,
And we'll travel wide,
We'll swim in the ocean,
Drift in the tide,
But most of all,
We'd be together,
Just you and me,
We'll make miracles,
Just wait and see.

~Rei Shiori

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