Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Otherlands - Part 6

Her fingers were red from the cold. It had been a long time since she had actually felt the chill biting her fingers and oddly, she relished it.

It seemed like just minutes ago she had been standing before her own hearth, tending her assassin and glaring at Ren. For some reason, Ren had lost control over himself after several heartbeats, his body jerking wildly before collapsing on the floor. Not wanting to be charged for killing a Timekeeper, the great Isolde's son no less, she had gone to his side to check for a pulse. At that very moment, his eyes flashed open and she knew nothing more till she appeared here. Lost in the middle of some god-forsaken wilderness where apparently nobody knew the pleasure of a warm fire.

Her toes were turning numb from the cold but she made no move to light any fire. There were places where magic, no matter elemental or not, would backfire if used. There were also places where magic drew unsavoury attention. She would not risk it.

Her bones creaked in protest as she took a step forward in the ash-strewn ground. Her footprints were covered up as soon as she left the spot. It scared her. Although she would never admit it. Never.Her fear has cost her too much that one time.

~Rei Shiori

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