Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The beauty of YOU

I lost myself,
In the simple beauty of you,
The way you made me laugh,
With your myriad ways,
And endless mischievous smiles,
Those brown eyes,
That glowed when you were happy,
I remember when we fought last,
And they were tearful,
I never wanted to see them like that again,
That vice-like grip,
It tightened more than a notch,
But we'll put that behind,
Leave those tumultuous days,
And tear-stained pillows in the nights,
Gone by,
We will live in the summer,
Of our dreams and the heat of love, 
Mornings spent with you,
Cozy warmth,
In the circle of your arms,
And your body grown heavier,
Than the last few months,
I learn to remember the curve of it,
And the heaviness,
Like a favourite blanket,
It wraps me in your love,
We've both grown so very much,
And I have learnt to trust,
And love so much more,
In your giving,
I began to live again.

~Rei Shiori

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