Monday, 17 February 2014

Me and my God

The injustice of it all,
Separation of a 'family'?
And we say it is acceptance and love?
What I believe,
How I believe,
Do they think they,
With their high hats,
And purity,
Priestly robes,
And lectures on how matrimony,
Should be kept holy,
Should be between members,
Of an in-group only,
I say it is so,
Without fear of retribution,
I would not fight my own God,
Who has been with me all the years,
But isn't it He,
Who brought me to existence,
Who made it possible for me to be?
From parents,
Unbelieving and practicing devoutly,
Different worlds,
Sometimes complaining,
Perhaps long-suffering,
But then again,
Without them together,
Where would I be?
Am I as they say,
In their myriad rules and laws,
And cartloads of words,
The many speeches,
Am I the product of an union not blessed by God?
I object,
Not out of anger for my God,
Not out of rebellion against my religion,
Twenty one years,
I lived in the shadows of the church,
Until I found bullying and hatred,
As rampant within as without,
And my fellow brothers and sisters,
Are the ones,
Who drove me out,
With their poisoned words,
And flirtatious ways,
They preach,
And then they break every single thing they said,
Still I believed,
In my God,
Because He could not be wrong,
Man was wrong,
And I was not strong enough,
To remain,
Every prayer laboured from the heart to the lips,
"God, why are they like this?"
Love is the gospel,
But look at how they treat others and me,
What difference does a single tree make in a storm?
So here I am today,
Driven further and further away,
From that which once tethered me,
To serving amongst them,
And they dare question my faith?
They who drove me away in the first place?
I found solace in places they would have abhorred,
But I am me,
And this life of mine,
Is between ME and MY GOD.

~Rei Shiori

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