Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The other side of Midnight

Be my anchor be my anchor,
But don’t drag me down,
Don’t pull my feet,
Below ground,
Be my anchor be my anchor,
Keep me firm when I fall,
Don’t let me make a sound,
I don’t want to fall,
I don’t want to be the weakling,
Cross the seven seas,
You’ll be the reason I still breathe,
Through stormy dusks,
And silent nights,
You’ll keep me close,
While in my mind I hide,
Don’t stray don’t stray,
You tell me as I sway,
Bridges burning,
But we’ll be alright,
We’ll sail away,
Under painted skies,
On and on until we reach,
The other side of midnight.

~Rei Shiori

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