Monday, 3 February 2014

The folly of growing up

When did we evolve,
From skinned knees,
To bruised hearts,
And battered faces?
Worn with care,
The skin that used to be so soft,
Now roughened,
By worries,
Life's wear and tear,
Hair that we left long,
In the hopes of being Disney princesses,
Cut shorter,
And our daydreams?
Evaporated into thin air,
When did we begin to replace,
The dolls and toys,
That every day without fail,
We used to caress,
And in its place,
The smooth warmth,
Of another human being,
Side by side,
Beds that used to fit just one,
Now have become a nest,
Of passionate kisses and whispers,
Of a hundred secret and,
Forbidden things,
That linger till the afternoon sun,
Comes in uninvited,
But until then,
We stay entwined,
As one,
Where childish bodies used to play,
Are now mere echoes of laughter,
The deeper moans of ecstasy,
Replaced by groans,
That in public remain mute,
Never outwardly uttered,
When did we change,
To be who we were not,
And drowned ourselves,
In endless dramas and reckless escapades,
Our imaginary friends,
Turned to drink and late night dates,
With people we don't even know,
And some that we even hate,
Morning comes,
And realization as ever,
Arrives late.

~Rei Shiori

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