Sunday, 13 July 2014


Don't fall for me. Please don't. Because I can't bear to explain why I'm this way and I can't bear to see if you'll walk away after you know it all. All the late nights crying, don't let them be for nothing, I don't want to drag you down with me even if it kills me to walk away and smile like I knew nothing.

Don't fall for me because I'm lonely, I'm hurt, I'm tired and I need you. I need you but I will push you away because I'm never good enough. I can pretend, I can try but I'm never good enough. And in the end you will see that, and you will leave me more broken than when you found me if you're like the rest of them.

Don't fall for me because I can't always be perfect. I will snap at you, I will get mad at you for small things, I will be depressed and you will see me crying and not letting you near me. If you can't stand that, then don't. I'm not pretending to get attention, I will really break down as I have before. And if you stay with me, you will witness it time and time again. I don't want to break you too. One damaged person is too many.

Don't fall for me, because you know what I expect and you know you will always be different from that list I have in my head. And if you read this and walk away, I will understand. I'm not easy to deal with and my dark days are always there threatening me.

Don't make me fall for you if you're only going to prolong the agony.Don't make me fall for you if you can't love me the way I need to be loved. Don't fall for me if you can't fight for me and you can't stay.

I can't afford to put up this mask anymore. The one they think is the happiest of all is the one with the most things to hide.

I'm at my limit today.

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