Monday, 14 July 2014

Infinite masquerade

Welcome to the masquerade,
Where faces smile,
But hearts are dead,
Where princes and kings,
Hide toxic hearts,
And their ladies wield,
Their words like darts,
Dance with me,
Dance with me,
I promise I'll tear the veil,
Expose all this,
Glass facades,
Far behind the violin wails,
Shatter the fake memories,
But you cringe and I lick this sin,
I promise,
I promise,
But can you believe in me,
Through these cat-eye slits,
Through my masks,
My wings,
My eyes,
Shadowed things,
My feet velvet slippered paws,
No noise when I'm walking,
Hush, hush,
Close the curtained doors,
Let's just use these satin ropes,
I'm not done talking,
Let the lies flow,
Like crystals and champagne,
But what it's made off,
Oh we know, we know,
Blood red wine,
Now let my waist go,
And I'll dance real slow,
I promise,
I promise,
But things are not as they seem to be,
I'm sure you know,
Don't touch me so,
It burns and I don't want to be thrown,
Back into the light,
Give me back the night,
And this infinite masquerade,
Would you like a drink of me instead?

~Rei Shiori

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