Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Does he ever tell you you’re perfect?
That his world revolves around one thing only,
To give you all the love and respect,
Owed to someone as amazing as you?
I remember,
All the gilt edged lies,
How could I forget?
When the honeyed dreams were once,
All I had,
And needed,
Like a plant growing,
Yet withered,
We faded away to nothing,
Past remembering,
Past caring,
We moved on,
I know I did,
Even if it took far too long,
I’m here today,
Tearing up the notes you left me,
And emptying the words out of my head
I look at her face and shudder,
Because she’s the one who replaced me,
No matter how many lies you have fed her,
It will be the same,
It will come to that.

~Rei Shiori

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