Thursday, 18 April 2013

Trust & Betrayal

She used to be a cheerful maiden,
Full of Joy and never Graven,
Always believed the best in people,
Until the day her Trust was stolen.

A helping hand was morphed to Treason,
Next thing she knew, all was Forsaken,
Weary to battle a pointless War,
Retreat she did with a heavy heart.

Something in her changed that day,
The fair maiden was frayed on a sunny May,
Never did she trust again,
Learned her lesson the hard way.

Decades passed without a hitch,
All was forgiven,
All was forgotten,
But no mortal could unseal her Heart,
Poisoned with Mistrust and Doubt alike,
None could find the Antidote,
 Even before she had abandoned hope.

~Selene D.

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