Friday, 12 April 2013

Red stains

Running red stains,
Down the clinical tiles,
Rushing blood,
Spilling through her veins,
The pain sharp,
Just for a little while,
And she rises to a new high,
While sinking deeper into the mire,
Ans she has so many things she wants,
But the lost is taking her higher,
Drifting on the bloody haze,
Of ecstasy and pain,
She wonders and wonders,
If life is the same,
All pain hidden with pleasure,
And scars covering wounds,
The years never make it better,
Deepening all that was once a wound,
Desire's the name,
Of the blade she uses on her skin,
And it cuts through more than it shows,
Tearing apart the soul within,
She cries,
Dripping tears on the tiles,
Now red and pink,
And remembers the songs and flowers,
Of the men she used to see,
Wilted, fading glories,
Of days gone by so fast,
Once she was perfect,
But we all know perfection never lasts,
She caresses the blade,
The one true friend she's known,
And makes the final cut swift,
And her last thoughts that she's thinking,
Even as her consciousness is sinking,
The world's a better place now that she's gone.

~Rei Shiori

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