Monday, 8 April 2013

Trapped soul

She treads lightly,
Up and down the worn stairs,
Touching the dampness,
On walls that have hung,
With portraits of people,
Smiling brighter than the sun,
Empty, empty and so cold now,
Leans her forehead,
On the blank canvas of stone,
Feeling so torn now,
Because she knows,
Of the times,
Where everything was going right,
And the days were better than the nights,
And now she can't step out anymore,
Can't even leave through the door,
The moonlight her only friend,
Even as she tries to pretend,
That it isn't beyond her reach,
To talk, and laugh and breathe,
Watching them walk away,
The years strip her bare,
Here memories are the only things,
That remain,
In an empty house,
And an emptier heart,
She wants to leave,
But her soul is chained there,
Tied fast,
Stay she must.

~Rei Shiori

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