Tuesday, 21 May 2013

He let's her go

He let's her go,
For a brief instance,
Their fingers touch,
Then sparks,
Fade to embers,
And finally a true darkness,
As she falls backwards,
Accepting her fate,
Sinking deeper,
Into the blackness,
It soothes her,
To be free,
Even as the water,
Fills the empty spaces,
That weren't meant to be,
And the memories,
Flash before her eyes,
In a final, desperate urge,
To make her see,
She does not cry,
Who would know?
In the deep ocean,
Salt water returns to wherever it goes,
From behind the watery cage,
That holds her still,
In its cold, comforting embrace,
She watches him,
Turn to go,
Leaving her flame to fade,
Leaving a love that remains dead.

~Rei Shiori

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