Monday, 20 May 2013

Pet Peeves =.="

It's been a while since I actually posted anything about me. Not that anyone is reeeeaaaallly interested I suppose, but to hell with it since it's my blog anyway.

Been feeling irritated for close to a week (or more) and initially I thought it was the PMS talking. But then again nobody has PMS while having the M right? Ridiculous.

So it got me thinking about pet peeves. Apparently I have a ginormous list (of which I shall list only a sample of the things that annoy me most). Yes, I know, I sound like the world's most easily annoyed person. I swear it's not on purpose. I just have a short fuse. And some people are insensitive idiots despite knowing me so well (or so I thought). So here I go, just to unload some of my pet peeves since I can't very well tell the bf (who is busy or busy sleeping most of the time lately) or my poor besties who are probably under piles of work/books.

  1. People who leave me hanging after texting me (why bother unless your main aim is to irritate the shit out of me by making me wait for your reply?)
  2. People who promise you the world but can't even complete a basic obligation (how hard is it to spend time with me, it's not like I'm asking for a dozen diamond rings)
  3. Being abandoned (yes, anxiety issues)
  4. Noisy kids who run everywhere (parents, the leash was invented by a genius and apparently someone who is just as annoyed as the rest of us by your little precious who is so intent on tripping everyone up, do us all a favour and use it)
  5. Atrocious spelling and horrible grammar (typos are excusable but nobody should be using rotten English all the way, have mercy on us Grammar Nazis)
  6. People who don't look where they're going and bang into people (now I'm not being rude but if you're carrying that much of yourself around please estimate the distance required so your behind or protruding front doesn't send me flying)
  7. Inconsiderate people who eat up every spare byte of the internet line (no explanation necessary I assume)
  8. The duck face 
  9. Girls who act too cutesy (really, you'd get diabetes just by looking at the way they act, in my state they call them the la-la girls)
  10. People who treat others like their dolls (for goodness sake, I'm not a 5 year old, get your dirty paws off my face and stop pinching my cheeks)
  11. Naggers (no one likes the repetition or the tone you're using)
  12. People who think they're the most amazing/gorgeous thing created since God made the earth (take a good long look in the mirror buddy, nobody's perfect)
  13. Guys who try to intimidate me with super bossy attitudes or greater-than-thou type of behaviour (trust me when you're a girl and younger than they are, it happens a lot)
  14. Anyone who uses their age as a factor to gain respect (it's earned not automatically given, so back off)
  15.  People who try to shove religion down my throat (I have mine, I think it's quite enough, thank you)
  16. Jokers, clowns, people with jokes nobody understand. etc (you get the idea)
  17. Any bag of mine being put on the floor by anyone else but me (yes, paranoid and OCD, not a good combo)
  18. Interruptions when I'm typing or on the computer
  19. Cleaning or wiping anything (in my defense, dust makes my hands itch and form a really disgusting condition where there are bubbles of clear liquid and I doubt you want to know the rest)
  20. Kiasu people (kiasu = an attitude or behaviour where the individual constantly feels the need to beat everyone at everything at all times and may go to extreme lengths to ensure that they are the king of the hill)
I suppose 20 is about enough of me for one post. Who else shares and pet peeves? :D I'd love to know that I'm not alone in feeling annoyed by these things so drop me a comment.

These pet peeves,
Annoy me to no end,
Disrupt my thoughts,
Derail my daydream plans,
If only I could,
I'd make sure that,
For all these things,
And people,
And feelings,
Will be brought to an end.

~Rei Shiori

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