Friday, 17 May 2013

Well hello there ;)

A million apologies for being absent for so long!!!! Gomenasai, minna!!

As Selene said in previous posts, I went M.I.A. because my modem hated me. No, really. It just died on me while I was in the middle of enjoying the WiFi. To my horror, even changing the modem didn't seem to work. So yep, I was stuck without any internet for days T.T IT WAS AWFUL.

So I'm back now, and as most of you dear readers would have discovered, I was not lazing around on my fat couch-potato-ass while I was away. I have been writing and decided to pick up where I left off for the series The Fox. Part Four and Part Five are up if anyone's interested. A few poems as well. Tell me if you get bored reading them. Before I forget, there is a new post as well, not quite a series, not quite a story either, but just a little part of me. Something I hope I'm not alone in dreaming about. Enjoy Proposal , a short dream of mine that I finally found the time to write down. Or in this case, type out.

Back to more daily posts! Hope everyone is doing great and thriving. Or at the very least, alive and kicking I hope?

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