Thursday, 23 May 2013

Sleeping with the sea

She wakes up to a familiar weight,
His body halfway across hers,
His arms around her draped,
The dim sunlight,
That struggles through threadbare curtains,
Kisses his face,
In a soft glow,
Igniting eyelashes and hair,
To that mahogany tone she knows well,
The same face,
That she kisses every day,
Last night even more so,
As he reached for her,
Murmuring sighs and words,
Pressed against her lips,
That comforting "I love you so",
Gentle hands against her hips,
And she lets go,
He reminds her of the sea at home,
The same soft swaying,
The transient waves of pleasure,
She feels it down to her bones,
And she imagines his hands,
The wind that strokes through her hair,
Till she comes back down to earth,
But still,
The music of the sea is in his breath.

~Rei Shiori

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