Wednesday, 15 May 2013


We were but grains of sand,
Washed apart in the ocean,
Society could never understand,
What happened between us,
And they judged,
Everything they could not comprehend,
From the way we are,
To the way we decide to end,
To how we love,
To whom we decide to give ourselves,
To what we began,
To how we have sinned,
And we loved the way we loved,
Mismatched even as it were,
It was an uncommon happiness,
That we found in places,
We never expected to find release,
We love who we loved,
Judged by the world that watched,
And awaited,
The heralding of our end,
I could not give you my promise,
Neither could you understand,
The pain that would continue to bind me,
Even as I agreed to take your hand,
But for now,
This is where we stand,

~Rei Shiori

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