Sunday, 3 November 2013

Choose joy

Choose joy,
I remind myself,
As I stare at that flyaway hair,
That extra bit of muffin top,
That stubbornly just won't sit,
Out of sight,
Choose joy,
Instead of starving and feeling guilty,
Hiding it all and feeling ugly,
I dress to impress,
Nobody but myself,
Why should I care less,
About what they think?
Choose joy,
I tell myself,
As I savour every bite,
Every bit of laughter from the times,
We spend together,
Despite them saying we should wait,
Or maybe we shouldn't be together ever,
Choose joy,
I feel a little bit braver,
Because you make me laugh,
And life's ok just the way it is,
With all the crazy little quirks,
And stupid jinks,
Choose joy,
Because I want to live,
The best I can.

~Rei Shiori

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