Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Into the blaze

They're singing in the breeze,
I hear them,
But not you,
Not anymore,
Why'd it end that way?
Driving up the road,
The sunset in your face,
One moment here,
The next gone from this place,
I was going to lift this veil for you,
I was going to keep you safe,
And now,
We're done for,
I'll see you in the frames,
That burn holes in my memory's space,
Gone, gone, gone, baby,
Can't say goodbye anymore,
Not when I can't touch your face,
Every shovel of earth,
Sounds like a thunderclap,
That echoes in this empty space,
I cling to your scent,
Gone with the wind,
Gone,gone,gone, baby,
Where are you now?
Said you'd be here with the dawn,
Where is your smile?
Gone, baby,
Gone, baby,
Tell me you love me,
Then fade away,
Just fade into the blaze.

~Rei Shiori

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