Friday, 22 November 2013

Instead of you

Fate sometimes plays,
A funny hand,
Odd as it is,
I never thought this would be,
How it would end,
You on that side of never,
And me on this side,
With someone I can promise forever,
To think all the people,
I gave up,
Forgone for you,
I never thought he'd be the one,
Who'd stick through,
Instead of you.

~Rei Shiori

On a side note, this blog may or may not become private later on as I'm considering sending in some of my works to a publishing house. May. Not that I'm saying I'm very good at this writing thing but I'd take a chance. Thanks to all of you dear readers who put up with the mad, erratic quality of my posts and took the time to read them. I heart you all.

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