Saturday, 23 November 2013

"I love you"s in the dark

Let's watch the stars tonight,
Even though it's raining outside,
We'll be here,
Gazing at them inside,
The memories we share,
I remember in the dark,
Even before your fingers touch my hair,
I remember when we said,
We'd never let go forever,
Oh we were so young then,
Stupid little lovers,
Wishing on the stars,
Light years away,
Hoping it'd come true,
All our dreams,
And the silent prayers,
We whispered in our hearts,
With our hands clasped in the dark,
Look at us now,
Back to where it started,
Back to us,
The two broken-hearted,
Sharing the scars,
That made us,
And of us become a part,
Still together in this weather,
Still whispering "I love you"s in the dark.

~Rei Shiori

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