Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The half conscious drowning mind

What will you do,
When the chaotic waves,
Rage their endless tirade,
Of self-derogatory whispers,
Overriding that small piece,
Of sanity you have left,
That little bit of heaven,
Which used to be yours,
Sinking like the Atlantis,
In the waves, lost,
Light just beyond your reach,
The glimmering light catching,
Just mere inches away,
Half here,
Half there,
One foot in the underworld,
The other in memories,
And long forgotten echoes,
That had begun to swirl,
And bubble beneath,
The half conscious,
Drowning mind,
Too late too late,
They seem to say,
As the lights fade into nothing,
Unnatural night replacing,
What was once day,
The roar of life that was,
Subsiding into a whine,
That echoes long after it's gone,
Through the whale songs,
Carried by the waters to the bay.

~Rei Shiori

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