Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fading writer

Some things have changed,
Your footsteps,

Scattered across the floor,

Flat silhouettes,


With ash and earth,

Blood and shadows,

Nightmares and dreams,

They have faded,

Into that misty grey,

Of old days,

And remnants of memories,

You walking back and forth,

Bleeding thoughts,

That darkened your sleep,

Weeping ink,

As your thoughts cut deep,

Your paper discarded,

The floor worn,

As I watch you,

Wear away,

Waxing and waning,

Day to day,

Going out like a star,

With the bang and blast of a supernova,

Or to turn slowly within yourself,

And into a black hole,

Become slowly a creature-thing,

Consuming yourself whole,

Continuing your soliloquy,

Late into the night,

Till the sun cracks through,

The porcelain darkness of night,

And bring in the glaring dawn.

~Rei Shiori 

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