Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Make the hourglass whole

Jumping off the edge with my eyes close,
Reach for you and you break my fall,
Feel your breath against my face,
As we stand nose to nose,
Hold my hands,
Kissing me slowly,
As my legs wrap around you,
Resting my head against your hips,
Sway me back and forth,
Like a child that was lost,
Here I am now,
Here I am now,
Back in your arms,
The burdens that weigh me down,
You carry me like I'm wearing a crown,
Give me the world at my feet,
Make me stop breathing when our eyes meet,
Will you be the one that makes my heart skip a beat?
Be the one, be the one,
Feel your skin like the morning sun,
Touch me again,
Feel the ripples run through my soul,
Stop the tide of the running sand,
Make the hourglass whole.

~Rei Shiori

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