Monday, 11 February 2013

Writer's Rebellion

We'll let the world say what they want,
We know our wings are flawed,
We're the one's who were kicked down,
The flightless for whom the journey plans were lost,
Rising now, we dust ourselves,
The bruised palms and skinned knees,
The angry eyes and broken hearts,
Of those who once tried to please,
The pen to paper,
The sword to throat,
Time to fight back now,
We are not about to live out the story they wrote,
Take back that destiny,
That dignity that fell,
This is our story now,
These lines are ours to tell,
The many years we spent in hell,
Of screaming devils and bleeding sins,
Discovering Eden with each pain-filled step,
We crawled our way out of the demon's den,
Breathed again,
This time at peace,
With winged dreams and songs that angels sing,
But still so many hated our dream,
Crushed us and hushed us,
Even as this side of us we tried to begin,
But ink needs no voice,
And passion comes from within,
Even if you hush us,
I still can write out this scene,
Pen to the paper,
Heart to the ink,
And now the setting is proper,
It is about time we reign.

~Rei Shiori

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